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3 Huge Reasons You Need This
Write Down Your Goals
How would having your own boutique help you reach your goals? Do you want more time to do the things you love? To add an extra income stream to your household?
Learn What's Holding You Back
What's keeping you from taking action? Time? Money? Fear?
Start Taking Action!
The first step is always the hardest! The coaching program gives you are clear path to follow so you don't waste time trying to figure everything out for yourself!

Who Am I?
Carina Hatton
  Online clothing boutique owner
  Shopify store developer and expert
  ​Owner & Founder of Knitted Belle Boutique
  Top online clothing boutique coach 
  ​Expert in online boutique sales

10 Things I'll Teach You (plus much more)

--How to set up your business entity, get your tax identification number and EIN
--Create your logo, and decide on the look and feel of your store.
--Budgeting - we'll dive into how much you've got to spend and where it is best spent

--Target Market - where is your customer and who are they?
--Vendors - where to find your product and what types of product to purchase
--Purchasing - how much to spend on each category
--Going to Market - what is market, where is it and why you need to go

--Website Creation - we'll set up your store and get it running live
--Packaging - what should you use to ship your product, should you offer a free gift and more!
--Marketing - this is one of the key elements to a successful online store. I'll walk you through creating your plan.

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